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We think that it is important that all business get clarity on their digital landscape and assets i.e. websites, search engine, social media, etc...        

For those business owners and managers who are not fully across the digital side of the business our Video For Business - Getting Started Consultation Pack is a great way to get you up to speed.

Here's what is included:

Digital Asset and Positioning Assessment

Our development and business teams will look at:

  • How your digital assets are set up and performing.
  • We are also looking at how you are appearing in the digital landscape and compare this to how your competitors are appearing/performing also.

Business Position Review

To get a fuller picture of your business:

  • We will perform some desktop research on the business, 
  • We will also book a meeting or call to have a chat about the business while getting to know you also.

Your Report and Recommendations

Your positioning in the digital landscape.

  • Assets
  • Business
  • Recommendations

Concept and Pricing For your First Video Campaign

Campaign concept and brief prepared for you to produce your first video project with Video For Business.

By purchasing the Video For Business - Getting Started Consultation Pack you will receive a $100 discount on your first video project with Video For Business.

Getting Started Consultation Pack


  • Digital Assets and Positioning Assessment
  • Business Position Review
  • Your Report & Recommendations
  • Concept and Pricing For Your First Video Campaign
  • $100 Discount Off Your First Video Campaign

Your First Video Campaign

We want to make sure that your First Video Campaign is a great experience. We are going to deliver you some great results, we're also going to help you gain a better understanding of the video process, so you can continue developing video and digital campaigns that benefit your business.

We want to make sure that your first campaign with Video For Business is a success.

Our goal is to not only deliver some great results but also help you gain a better understanding of the processes for you to continue developing video campaigns and projects for your business.

We’re going to work with you through the strategy, production, marketing and analysis of your project.

For strategy we want to:

  • Get clarity on the business goals.
  • Collect intel on how your competition is promoting themselves... what is working and what's not.
  • See what audience insights we may be able to obtain.
  • Develop the campaign.

When it comes to production we focus on:

  • Video content production - concept to completion.
  • Ensuring digital assets to promote campaign are accurate and complete.
  • All communications mediums are set to correctly share the campaign materials and be analysed.

Campaign marketing is important, we:

  • Publish
  • Share Widely, and
  • Promote

Measuring results:

  • We analyse these results against metrics we put in place at the start of the campaign.

Product Highlight

$750 - $1500 Project Cost Estimate

  • Strategy
  • Scripting
  • Video Production
  • Product Landing Page
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Analysis and Reporting