Video Ideas For Your Business

Grow your customer base, improve brand positioning, increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity...  Check out these ideas for your business.

Ideas To Educate Your Customers

Featured - Interview Experts

Building relationships with experts in your field and inviting them to be interviewed on your BRAND is a great way to increase your profile.

The interview format is wonderful in a way that you always get unique, fresh angle on an aspect of your industry. It is also a great way to top up your video library with valuable content which can help educate your customers. 

Harnessing the potential of influencer marketing is a smart strategy for businesses that have ambitions to become leaders in their industry.

Atune Health Centres from Lake Macquarie, in the Hunter Region, regularly post videos of their owner meeting other health professionals from around the region. 

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  • Interviews With Clients

    Remember that your customers are a great source of content.

    Like you, they’re creating new projects, testing new marketing tactics, implementing new management methods… there are a lot of hard-won lessons to talk about!

    Find an angle that is most valuable to your audience and film a friendly tips & tricks interview that will help you nurture your relationship with the customers as well as injecting new content into communication channels.

  • Making Of Videos

    Let your prospective clients and viewers watch you work!

    There is so much people can learn about you, the team, your business ethics and the general level of skills just by observing your journey from point A to point B.

    How and why you choose to accomplish various tasks in a way that you do is often more revealing than the final result.

    Don’t be afraid to share your work process – it’s definitely something that people are curious about.

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Ideas to Inspire Your Customers

Featured - Your Creation Story

This is a particularly relevant one for small businesses, even more so than larger corporations.

Just like in culture content, people are often very interested in how the small business they buy from was founded.

Remember people love stories... it is in our DNA. 

Meet the Bruny Island Cheese Company from Tasmania. This series of small business videos was sponsored by Telstra.  

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  • Stories About Your Business

    Tell a story that is relevant to your business.

    Maybe it’s about your journey to where you are now, maybe it’s about a community team that you support or sponsors, maybe it's a story about one of your employees and what the do. 

    There’s no right way to do this – it’s the story of you and your business! 

  • Seasonal Greetings

    It’s such a fantastic way to connect with your audience, remind them about yourself and spread some good vibes.

    These videos are not about selling, that could go horribly wrong

    Take the opportunity to show the human side of your business for the day, for example."

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Ideas To Convince Your Customers

Featured - Third Party Review

Get other people who love your product, service, or company on camera.

It’s so much more effective than hearing you talk about your own winning characteristics. Video testimonials and endorsements are a great way to convince your customers to buy from you.

Australian company adbri Masonry have TV personality, Jason Hodges, on the team to review and share his findings on their product review for customers.

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  • What You Do - The Detail

    While one overview video on your website or Facebook page (or both!) is a great way to introduce people to your business, you’ll more than likely need a little more description to win your audience over.

    A few, more detailed videos that explain the details of your product’s features or the different services you offer is a great way to provide more information and help your audience decide to buy.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Showing “behind-the-scenes” is another way to give them a real picture of who you are and where their purchase is coming from.

    This may seem to apply only to companies selling physical products. There is definitely (and fun) scope to adapt this video type for a service-based company

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Ideas to Entertain Your Customers

Featured - Competition News

It’s a personable technique to generate more interest when you announce any competition and a great way to deliver good news to the winners.

It can take as little as half an hour to record a good vibe video, but a good vibe video can go a long way…

National Brokers Finance Brokers Day using video to announce and congratulate the winner of Australia's 'So You Think You Can Broker' competition.

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  • Busting Myths

    Find myths that are associated with your industry or have something to do with the product/services you sell.

    It’s one of those types of content pieces that allow you to actually be fun. Food for thought or myth #1: if you start your own business, you’ll have more freedom, control and work-life balance. Eh? 

  • Office Life

    You don’t always to need to be parading your brand, have a look for those fun, silly and safe things going on in your business.

    From time to time, encourage your team to indulge in silly things (like impersonating their boss on camera?) and put a smile on people’s faces. As long as the content is not offending anyone, you’re running no risks.

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